Forging is a skill used by forgers to heat and change the shape of metal by hammering it and moulding it into shape. It is a manufacturing process and there are various types of forging such as hot forging, cold forging, or warm forging.

Forging is a worldwide industry, it used to be done by hand using a forging hammer, but nowadays there are all types of machinery available to do the process. Although there are still blacksmiths around that do work by hand.

There are many different types of forging processes such as:

Impression die forging

Open die forging

Hot forging

Cold forging

Seamless rolled ring forging

A forge is used in hot forging, a forge is like an oven, it is used to heat metals, the blacksmith will heat the metal to the desired temperature and then shape into the shape that is required.

Open die forging is another process used, the metal is placed between multiple dies, and through a series of movements is hammered into shape.

Cold forging is done at room temperature, bar stock is inserted into a second closed die, and the process begins.

Seamless rolled ring forging is created through a process using a rolling mill. This is used to create rings of various sizes.

There was an international forging convention to be held this year in Chicago but unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic this had to be cancelled, the event has been running for 22 years so organisers were very disappointed. Unfortunately, as yet there are no plans to reschedule.