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Rare Supreme Accessories

Supreme have burst onto the scene designing some of the most desired and sort after clothing and accessories on the market today. Most Supreme accessories and clothing are not easily obtainable on your common high street this is because of the way supreme cleverly function’s. Supreme only make limited amounts of there merchandise and release new and exclusive accessories and clothing collections at specific times of the year. These new collections drop on a Thursday of the two ten week Supreme seasons, and the queues at supreme stores across the country will have customers lining up for hours to get the newest supreme items. But no matter how early you get to the store or how long you queue for you can’t always guarantee that you will get your hand on the product that you want.

Rare Supreme Accessories and Clothing

The hype surrounding supreme has blown up exponentially you can’t walk down the street without seeing a piece of supreme clothing anymore everyone wants the latest dropped supreme accessories and clothing. However, the way that supreme work, you can almost guarantee that past supreme items are no longer easily accessible to you. Almost every product that supreme designed and sold in the past will no longer be available to buy in stores. This means that some unique supreme accessories become very sort after and desirable products.

Top 3 Rarest Supreme Accessories and ClothingSupreme & Louis Vuitton

It would be almost impossible to get your hands on almost all the products that supreme have sold in the past. The demand surrounding supreme accessories that are not on the market anymore means you must have a pretty big bank account to purchase some of the rarest items available on the resell market.

The Top Supreme Accessories Are:

3) Supreme x Molodkin sample box logo – We start the list with Supremes collaboration with Molodkin. A range of box logo T-shirts were designed and launched in 2003 and one of the rarest in the collection is a blue on red design, featuring a negatively exposed image of Donald Trump. With prices unavailable and nothing for resell online we can only imagine how expensive an item like this would be

2) Supreme Louis Vuitton bootleg skate decks – Back in 2000 Supreme produced 3 bootleg skate decks inspired by Louis Vuitton’s monogram pattern. These products were soon after issued with a cease and desist notice, so products had to be removed from sale therefore now making them very desirable with an estimated resell price of £3000

1) Supreme x Louis Vuitton Trunk – Introducing what is the most expensive supreme accessories ever released. This Supreme and Louis Vuitton collaboration produced a very stylish and rare trunk retailing for around £60,000. However now this product is no longer available at any Supreme store it is extremely desirable to celebrities all around the globe, giving it an estimated resell but we do know it is now worth over £70,000.