What are Travel Watch Rolls?

Watch rolls are often called travel rolls as their main function is to keep watches safe during transport and travelling. These rolls are usually cylindrical and made from a variety of materials including leather and canvas. The interiors of these rolls are usually lined with soft materials such as velvet to prevent scratches or other damage to your watches.

Not all watch rolls are cylindrical, soft rolls are simple in construction and have pockets to store watches for travelling. This type of roll is very compact, making them an ideal travel companion as space is at a premium. There are downsides though, a cylindrical watch case offers more protection from damage.

If you’re starting a watch collection, then purchasing a watch roll is probably the next item you should consider after buying the watch itself. There is a big price range of watch rolls so finding one for your budget will be easy. This also depends on how much the watch is worth, a watch worth thousands shouldn’t be housed in a cheap watch roll. An expensive watch is an investment so preventing damage will help keep its value.

What features should you look for in a watch roll?

The biggest feature of a watch roll is its style and how it looks, for a lot of people this is a big deciding point when choosing what to buy. A roll’s style does affect how much protection it offers, a cylindrical roll made of leather will offer the greatest protection.

As mentioned before, leather is a popular material choice for watch rolls due to its durability. Canvas is also another popular option. Every roll will be lined with a soft material such as velvet to prevent scratches and other damage.

Depending on how many watches are in your collection will determine how big of a watch roll you require. Usually, the biggest size you can buy is a three-watch roll as these are usually big enough for travelling.